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Welcome to Carla Brown photography blog!

Welcome to Carla Brown's photography blog

Check out my blog stories from “behind the pictures”, photography tips, and what inspires me as a photographer.

Photography has been a constant in my life. Really, I´m not sure what I would do without it! Photography enables me to look at different perspectives and shape my creativity. When I´m least expecting it challenges me to the next level. I love that!

Initially, I studied film photography which taught me a lot. Back in the day, my photo teacher had us write down all of the lighting information for each photo. At first, I didn’t understand why, but it helped me to learn lighting. Now, we are lucky to have that information with a touch of a button.

Since then, photography has been a gateway into other computer related interests. For example, in learning website creation and marketing.

Currently, I am shooting with a Canon D6 with an assortment of lenses.

Since Covid-19, I have decided to postpone destination photography and focus my work on the Big Island of Hawaii. While I´m looking forward to traveling again, I think it safer to stay.

This blog will dive into the random stories, and the things that I have learned in pursuing photography. I hope you enjoy it!

Below is a ¨behind the scenes¨ video of a product shoot in Kona, Hawaii.

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